Andre Daniels, MBChB, Joins Allergan as Vice President, Head of Medical Safety Physicians

Former Global Head of Safety Surveillance for Amgen


Life Science Partner recruited Andre Daniels, MBChB, Executive Director, Pharmacovigilance at Amgen to become Vice President, Head of Medical Safety Physicians at Allergan.  In his new role, Daniels will lead a team of physician executives to support the four key commercial franchises and their pipeline of innovative products.

“Daniels has built safety organizations with global portfolios as diverse as oncology, metabolic diseases, and virology,” stated Tom Callaway, MD, MBA, President of Life Science Partner.

During his first eight years at Amgen, Daniels led the Global Head of Safety Surveillance team with accountability for monitoring clinical safety and all post-marketing safety for all Amgen products.

Prior to his roles at Amgen, Daniels was the Director of Medical Review, Global Drug Safety for Gilead Science.  He began his pharmaceutical career at Pfizer and he became the Global Therapeutic Safety Head, supervising a global team for endocrine, metabolic, and cardiovascular product development.

Originally from South Africa, Daniels earned his MBChB from the University of Cape Town. He earned his diploma in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics as well as his Master in Medical Science (Clinical Epidemiology) from the University of Newcastle, Australia.


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