Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Recruits Former Bayer Vice President to Become Vice President, Pharmaceutical Science and Chemistry

Life Science Partner recruits Tim Lowinger, PhD, global leader in chemistry research and development to help propel proprietary products

Life Science Partner announces the recruitment of Tim Lowinger, PhD, formerly vice president, chemistry research at Bayer Healthcare, to lead Angiotech Pharmaceuticals’ newly formed division of pharmaceutical science and chemistry.  Angiotech is the world leader in the emerging field of drug-eluting medical devices and biomaterials.   With an accelerated program to integrate pharmaceutical and biologically active materials to improve its products, Lowinger will lead the discovery team to capitalize upon Angiotech’s considerable intellectual property portfolio to create break-through products.

Lowinger is well-positioned to lead this team, as he has considerable experience at Bayer in chemistry development as well as in leadership of global teams including medicinal and analytical chemistry departments – developing drugs from hit generation through lead optimization.

“Tim is a triple threat,” noted Tom Callaway, MD, founder and president of Life Science Partner.  “He is the prototype of the top-shelf pharmaceutical chemist.  He has built and led global teams – spanning the U.S., Japan and Germany.  Tim has the ability to see beyond the lab bench to find solutions that can improve patients’ lives.”

Joining Bayer as a research scientist in 1993, Lowinger was responsible for all chemistry efforts within the cancer exploratory research team. He was promoted to the head of the chemistry department at Bayer Yakuhin, where he established a new cancer research center and built Bayer’s first Japanese chemistry research facility.  After establishing a global research center, he was relocated to corporate headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, to become responsible for the virology therapeutic area.  In 2003, he assumed responsibility for the global chemistry organization as Vice President, Chemistry Research based in West Haven, CT.

Lowinger earned his B.Sc. (Chemistry) and PhD (Organic Chemistry) at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  He was a Merck Post-doctoral Fellow at Ohio State University under the leadership of Professor Leo Paquette as his advisor.

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