Bob Wassman, MD, Recruited to become Chief Medical Officer for Lineagen

Former Chief Medical Officer Rosetta Genomics

Life Science Partner recruited Bob Wassman, MD, to become Chief Medical Officer of Lineagen to lead The Company’s clinical direction, product strategy, medical affairs, and global trials and registration process for Lineagen’s products and services.

Previously, as Chief Medical Officer for Rosetta Genomics, Wassman played a critical role in building the commercial, clinical and reimbursement strategy for the Rosetta’s microRNA-based platform technologies. He partnered closely with CEO Ken Berlin to evaluate new technologies to build out a fully personalized medicine resulting in the acquisition of PersonalizedDx.

Wassman joined Rosetta after leading the pharmagenomics services program at CVS Caremark, after, It’s acquisition of Generation Health, to improve precision therapy management and guide program development. Throughout his career Wassman has served in several key genomic leadership roles for cutting edge companies such as Good Start Genetics, Celula, Genzyme, and Prometheus.

“With a successful track record in building CLIA-based laboratory businesses combining scientific and clinical knowledge, Wassman will be a critical asset for Lineagen’s future growth and development,” stated Tom Callaway, MD, President and Founder of Life Science Partner.

Wassman earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Yale University and his MD from Albany Medical College.


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