Courtney Barton Joins Allergan as Director, Corporate Compliance

Former Director, Corporate Compliance & Global Data Privacy at Bausch & Lomb

Life Science Partner recruited Courtney Barton, an experienced global compliance executive, to become Director, Corporate Compliance for Allergan Medical.

In her new role, Barton will be responsible for leading compliance with CIA directives and developing Allergan’s compliance policies for the $1.4B medical device businesses.  Barton will report to the Vice President and Deputy Director Wes Porter.  Porter was recruited by Life Science Partner to Allergan in 2012.

Prior to her new position at Allergan, Barton spent much of her career at Bausch & Lomb where she played a key role in building and maintaining the Company’s current Compliance Program.

Barton earned Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Political Science from Syracuse University.




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