Chris Kiple, JD, Joins SOLIUS as Chief Executive Officer

Former Ventec Life Systems CEO joins SOLIUS to establish their patented technology for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency.

Life Science Partner is pleased to announce the recruitment of SOLIUS’ new Chief Executive Officer, Chris Kiple, JD.   As the new CEO, Kiple will recruit and lead a team to commercialize SOLIUS’ proprietary UVB light therapy technology for treatment of patients with low levels of Vitamin D including a newly developed at-home therapy device.

Kiple joins SOLIUS after making a ground-breaking impact in the ventilator market upon the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic where he served as the CEO for Ventec Life Systems, a respiratory care medical device company that developed the world’s first multi-functional ventilator into a portable system.

Kiple was instrumental in executing the partnership with Ventec and General Motors which capitalized on GM’s mass manufacturing capabilities combined with Ventec’s respiratory care expertise to fulfill the government’s ventilator demand with building and shipping over 30,000 ventilators within a few months, an 80x increase in Ventec’s normal production.

Kiple is a brilliant leader and problem-solver as proven by his success in spearheading the rapid production of ventilators during the COVID crisis of 2020. A demonstrated leader who can bring breakthrough technology to improve patient’s lives, Kiple will lead SOLIUS to the forefront of UVB light therapy.”

Tom Callaway, MD, Founder of Life Science Partner.

Earlier in his career, Kiple served as a lobbyist, government affairs attorney, and banker for JP Morgan. He joined Ventec in 2015 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and quickly earned his way up the ranks to serve as Chief Executive Officer where he trailblazed solutions and partnerships to meet the unprecedented ventilator demands.

Kiple earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University and his Juris Doctor from The George Washington University Law School.

Life Science Partner is also pleased to announce the recruitment of Scott Hirsch, former Chief Executive Officer of Solta Medical, to the SOLIUS Board of Directors.