Rajesh Malik Chosen To Lead Clinical Development At Adherex

Life Science Partner places pharmaceutical veteran and oncology specialist as chief medical officer

ATLANTA, Georgia – September 7, 2004 – Life Science Partner announces the placement of Rajesh K. Malik, M.B., Ch.B. as chief medical officer at Adherex Technologies, Inc., in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. With the position, Malik takes responsibility for the clinical development efforts behind Adherex’s growing portfolio of oncology products. He will

guide decisions about clinical utility, formulate regulatory strategies for the U.S. and Europe, lead the clinical trials design team, and promote physician advocacy. A biopharmaceutical company, Adherex discovers and develops cancer therapeutics through its pioneering platform for tumor vascular targeting.

“For Adherex, Raj was an exceptional find,” says Life Science Partner, Founder and President Thomas H. Callaway. “In addition to his original insights into anti-angiogenesis, which is at the core of Adherex’s product portfolio, he has a successful record of regulatory submission on three continents and he fully understands the commercialization process.”

A pediatric oncologist by training, Malik combines experience in cutting-edge academic research with strong business analytical skills and accomplishments in corporate pharmaceutical environments large and small.

Prior to Adherex, Malik was executive director at EMD Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Germany-based Merck KGaA. As part of senior management at EMD, Malik led global project management for single oncology products and served on the company’s combined business and clinical operations team to guide global oncology product strategy.

As associate director at Bristol Myers Squibb, Malik held responsibility for the clinical development strategy for oral taxane worldwide and provided clinical oversight for Erbitux in Europe.

Malik also spent seven years as an assistant professor at the University of Virginia, where his research focused on signal transduction across the interface of integrins and extra cellular matrix.

Malik holds a medical degree from the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K. He is licensed in pediatrics in North Carolina and Virginia.

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