Upayan SenGupta, MBA, Recruited to Become Vice President, General Manager, Health Sciences for Underwriters Laboratories

Former Director, Global Segmentation Program, GE Healthcare

Life Science Partner recruited Upayan SenGupta, MBA, an innovative senior medical device executive, to become Vice President and General Manager, Health Sciences for Underwriters Laboratories where he will lead The Company’s continued transformation of the Health Sciences business unit from a compliance and audit organization to a proactive participant in the registration and product development teams.

With over 15 years at GE Healthcare, SenGupta was most recently appointed to create and lead the newly formed Segmentation program focused on cutting-edge big data analytics to drive deeper customer centric process and product design. During his tenure at GE, SenGupta strategically led partnerships across the Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain teams to simplify product offerings and cut costs to improve targeted solutions for customers worldwide. Throughout his career at GE, SenGupta provided innovative cross-functional leadership to The Company’s operations strategy, product development, supply chain planning and commercial operations.

“With a background in “internal consulting” to develop global manufacturing efficiencies and building new quality systems in one of the world’s largest healthcare products companies, SenGupta will be a major asset in his new role at Underwriters Laboratories,” stated Tom Callaway, MD, President and Founder of Life Science Partner.

SenGupta earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Economics from Purdue University and received his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.



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